Elijah D. Prince

Elijah D. Prince is a freelance 

artist based in Washington D,C. 

He is driven by the pursuit of beauty and life through all of its forms and he echoes this passion through his artistic pursuits.

Elijah focuses on the figure as a vehicle of productive change in his works, as his art reflects a state of mind of positivity, growth, and transformation.

Photo credit: Alexi Saavedra --- Instagram: @pl.ultra

Why draw black women?


"Have you ever seen a black woman? If you have, you can understand what a silly question that is! Power, grace, poise and a sense of  magnitude are just a few of the emotions that can be felt in the presence of one. I stand in awe at the dominant and regal energy women of color exude.


However, I feel as though, throughout the history of art, this ideology has not been adequately represented. Through my schooling in higher education, I noticed a severe lack of black female representation in the media and art that was shown to us. So much so that it became almost laughable to think that the women I surround myself with were less than a footnote in the minds of the artists that defined generations. 

This irony caused me to think; what do I do as an artist and as a black man. Do I sit back and watch as the representation of my people becomes squandered, or do I pick up my pen, my tablet, my brush, my hands and join the push of artists who decide to look at the grandeur of women of color. 

I choose the latter." 

- Elijah D. Prince

All works created by Elijah D. Prince